Collaboration is the key to some wonderful creations!

(Short Film, Horror, 2023)

This Horror Short is the most recent film that I've had a chance to work on.  It is a Petrichor Motion Picture production where I  had the opportunity to serve a couple of roles including VFX Editor, Sound Recordist, Motion Graphics, and Actor.

Check out the trailer for this upcoming  release!

Retro Matdor Podcast

A podcast series dedicated to reviewing some films. This series represents a lot of growth and ideas being thrown together while we talk about the things we love about films!

You can see the changes development of my skillset from episode 1 to the final few episodes. Its very fun and such a blast!


(Short, Fake Commercial) 

Based on the idea of bad informercials, we created a fake commercial for the product "NoMo" Check it out and well if you want to forget it... just take a drink!

TWITCH: Matador_Gabe

Twitch streams for gamers are not complete without custom logo and overlays. For my personal stream, I created my own overlay utilizing after effects.  Custom overlays like this can add a professionalism and eye popping look to an average stream.