Matador Gabe's Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio, You will find some of my favorite works that I have created utilizing my Pen Tablet and Photoshop, Graphic Vector Art in Illustrator, and some of my  podcast posters from over the years!  

Photoshop Art

It's Jason! 

As you will come to find out, Horror has a special place in my heart! This piece was created from a scene in Friday the 13th part VII: The New Blood.
I combine my hand skills on my digital tablet with the power of layering with photoshop to create this powerful piece!

Tools: Digital Pen Tablet, Adobe Photoshop

Black Clover Fist Bump

Yusuke vs Togoro

Vegeta "It's like we're brothers"

Enter the Shredder 

Hey where the F's My Coffee

This moment is from the movie Akira! The idea behind my work is to pull from moments that stand out to me. I recreated the drawing from the artists on that movie and did it using the pen tablet and photoshop. I like to put my the focus on the main object and generate blurs using photoshop on the backgrounds to make it pop!

The Peacemaker

This piece took so long because I couldn't see the model!

Naruto and Boruto getting ready to fight!

Hello Georgie!

Pennywise wants to play.

Patrick Bateman after chillin with Paul!

It's a painting of me!

I saw some pretty cool photoshops where they were making real photographs into these striking digital paintings. Everyone should hang one of these of themselves in their home!

Tools: Adobe Photoshop
Wedding photo by AnisaJordanPhotography

Vector Art 

It's gonna be a scream baby!

What I enjoy most about art is that there is a peice of illusion that your mind brings to make things seem so real. With the right lighting with the right shadows, your pieces really come to life. This ghost is created using shapes and pen tool on illustrator. This is a vector so you can size it to any size needed without losing resolution!

Tools: Adobe illustrator, Photoshop

Pink Rose

The Company Image

Girls rule!

Meet my daughter Lola. She has all the sass to go with being daddy's little girl! Working in adobe Illustrator I was able to bring her to the digital domain. It was a blast recreating her likeness this way. Then making a poster reminiscent of the art work on the dream phone game that 90s commercials used to blast upon us. 


Classic Retro Matador logo!

The first logo design for a business representing a bond of a lifetime! 

The Retro Matador Podcast Logo

This is one of the first logos that I created into a motion graphic. The Retro matador Logo was created in adobe Illustrator and moved over to after effects where I made it 3d and made it move! Its also a gif with a transparent background so its able to be placed and spin on any background without issue!

Retro Matador Podcast Posters

Every Podcast episode deserves a poster!